Black Pepper Iced Tea - Summer Cool Way

For those tea lovers who just can't live without thier daily dose of tea, iced tea is a cool way to steal the heat. Not only iced tea is refreshing but adding spices or lemon juice reduces the negative effect of tannins in iron absorption. I just love lemon tea or iced tea. It is an excellent coolant which will give you instant relief from heat.

Its not necessary to add any sweetner in it. People who are diabetic can drink it without any sweetner. For other people who are health concious, honey will do too. Sweetner, lemon and pepper give iced tea a sweet and salty flavor which is very soothing in summers.


* 2 tbsp tea/ tea bags
* 1 tsp black pepper powder
* 2 tbsp sugar/sweetner
* juice of 1 lemon
* 2 cup water
* ice cubes

* Boil tea in water or boil water and steep the tea bags in it.
* Add black pepper and sugar and stir well
* Remove from heat and strain.
* Leave it for hal an hour so that it comes to room temperature.
* Pour in chilled glasses with lots of ice.
* Add lemon juice, stir and serve.



Donna-FFW on June 29, 2009 at 3:08 AM said...

This sounds like a unique and refreshing drink. Love the photo!

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