Bael Fruit Squash - A Healthy Summer Drink

Bael, Bengal Quince or Wood Apple is a fruit found in the dry forests of India and the regions around in summers. Rich in riboflavin, it is used to prepare numerous drinks, squashes and candies. Pulp of the ripe bael when eaten acts as a superb laxative. Pregnant women can have in the morning to avoid nausea. With butter and sugar, bael fruit is good for improving memory power for growing children.

I still remember, when I was young my mother used to almost force me to eat ripe bael. But I used to hate it at that time. Actually children in that age have a tendency to dislike everything that their parents ask them to do. Still to make me have such a nutritional fruit, she used to make me the delicious bael squash which I used to gulp down, as soon as I reached back home after school or play. Now when I am grown and fully aware of the qualities of bael and love its refreshing flavor in summers (consists of 61% moisture), I want every mother or wife should make this summer drink and give to their children and husband.

For older and diabetic people, I would advice to avoid sugar. If they want a flavor then they can replace sugar with salt to taste and pinch of blacksalt. Even lime juice is good as it gives the drink a sweet & salty taste.


1 bael
2 tsp sugar (optional)
2 glass water (chilled)


- Extract the pulp of the bael fruit with help of spoon or knife
- Pass through a sieve For removing seeds, pass the pulp through a sieve
- Add sugar and water. Shake well
- Serve in chilled glasses


Anonymous said...

I think lime juice, black pepper, jaggery (especially date-palm), can be tried for flavour. - Prince

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